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What Are We Counting?

We enjoy building relationships with new consumers and dealers, and often times, has served as our open door. The counter found in the lower left-hand corner of each page is not a HIT counter! Meaning, It will not continue to "count" the number of times you visit or navigate through pages... even if the page is refreshed, if you close and re-open your web browser, if you re-boot your computer, or visit again tomorrow. A traditional HIT counter will show tens of thousands of "hits" on an active site in very little time due to visitor navigation and Google®/Yahoo® search engine spiders, but that data does not tell you much, and it is very misleading in regards to "visitors".

Instead, our counter only counts unique computer addresses (numbers prior to the last decimal) and displays the number of visitors that have visited from unique locations.

Even though we have been refurbishing generator circuit boards for almost 11 years, we have only more-recently developed With that in mind, we were proud to already have visitors from over 5000 locations when we made the latest enhancements to (v2.0), and we enjoy watching the number grow as we continue to build relationships with new consumers and dealers worldwide.

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