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This is an important step to perform prior to sending your circuit board to us for repair. Please keep in mind, we do not operate like a lot of other circuit board repair companies that actually look forward to receiving "bad" circuit boards that are actually fully operational (so they can charge you for their standard repair service even though they didn't do any work). The last thing you want to do is send your circuit board away for repair, and still have the same problem when you re-install the "repaired" circuit board... if the circuit board wasn't the root cause of the problem.

Before you remove the circuit board from your equipment, we offer support with your diagnosis. We do not want you to waste your time or money due to a misleading failure mode or symptom.

If you are a technician, we can help you navigate through schematics or offer point-to-point measurements to help you quickly isolate the issue.

If you are not a technician, then we certainly recommend that you schedule one to perform your diagnosis. However, if you are a savvy owner with a voltmeter and determined to operate at your own risk with or without us, we can help you stay on a functional troubleshooting path with live telephone support, and help you isolate the issue.

Yes, we have schematics, but we do not distribute them freely to everyone that asks for them. If you need a schematic from us, please contact us so we can first verify the purpose and need. We apologize for this small piece of "red tape", and we hope you understand why we must maintain this position.

If we ever need to perform any research to assist you, then you can count on us to react immediately to your request with a sense of urgency. Likewise, in the unlikely event that you ever reach our voice mail, you can count on us to get your message and return your call as quickly as possible with a sense of urgency.

No charges apply to our troubleshooting services... this level of service is simply how we operate in effort to support our customers, dealers, and the power generation industry as a whole.

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