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Shipping Instructions

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How do I package the circuit board for shipment?

Ideally, you should package your faulty circuit board(s) in the same fashion you would package a brand new circuit board, but we know this isn't possible for everyone in every case. Please do whatever you can to prevent parts from getting physically broken or bent. Even though it will be pristine when you get it back from us, it doesn't matter how creative or how ugly your packaging is when you send the board to us... it is only the protective functionality of the packaging that is important for incoming circuit boards.

Resellers are entitled to free return-shipping boxes from Colburn Electronic Controls. For additional information, please e-mail us at, or call us at 618-997-9015.

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Where do I ship my faulty board for repair?

Colburn Electronic Controls
1117 North Carbon Street, # 179
Marion, Illinois 62959
Telephone: 618-997-9015

Please include a contact name and telephone number. Before you ship the circuit board to us, please notice we provide a no-cost troubleshooting assistance service, "How do I confirm the circuit board is bad".

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Do I need to use any certain shipping company or method?

No, the choice is yours. We can receive shipments of any size from any major courier or carrier. We will automatically select the most economical and reliable shipping company to deliver your circuit boards back to you and meet your schedule, which varies dependent on your location. However, if you want us to use a specific company, we will gladly do so. We do not charge any handling fees, and we only charge the actual shipping cost (at our cost). We can support any incoming or outgoing delivery service, ranging from standard postal mail to emergency Next Flight Out services (domestic or International).

We can schedule your package pick-up from your facility, office or home... this is just another complimentary "no-charge" service we provide to support our customers, dealers, and the power generation industry as a whole. The standard shipping cost will apply, and some carriers (like DHL) charge a pick-up fee. For additional information or assistance, please e-mail us at, or call us at 618-997-9015.

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Do I need to insure the shipment?

Circuit board shipments can be insured for a minimal cost. Incoming defective circuit boards are only worth a "core fee" value when they are shipped defective, and therefore the declared value will be minimal. We will always insure refurbished circuit boards that we ship to you, and the declared value is the refurbishment cost. Again, the cost to insure is very minimal. For additional information or assistance with determining values to declare, please e-mail us at, or call us at 618-997-9015.

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Can you drop-ship a repaired board to my customer?

Yes, as long as a delivery service exists in the particular location we can arrange to drop-ship your circuit board anywhere in the world in compliance with US law, land or sea. No additional fees apply, and we will manage the accompanying or separated paperwork to meet your needs. Please indicate your desire to drop-ship applicable orders and include the shipping detail by e-mail to, or call us at 618-997-9015.

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