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FG Wilson ®, Olympian ®, Kohler ® and Onan ® Generator Controls Colburn Electronic Controls

The Evolution of Colburn Electronic Controls

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Our Story:

Throughout the 1990s, I worked for the worlds largest generator manufacturing company (their unaffiliated brand name happens to appear predominately throughout our website and literature). While responsible for genset parts, service, optional retrofits, functional tests, training and logistics, I learned how prime power and emergency/stand-by generators ranging from 10KW to 850KW function inside and out component by component, from the control panel and engine to the base-frame. Moving on and undergoing extensive training with other various generator brands and applications (the other unaffiliated brand names mentioned throughout our website), I became immersed in component-level electronics, electrical theory, genset control systems, engine controls, heads-off engine service and installations/applications of various brands of generators. My personal career grew into Director/Corporate positions within the marine industry giants, and I was a sponge for every aspect of the business. It was amazing to me how we (yachts at the time) could offer better customer service to boat owners than a vast amount of the emergency power generation industry. Meanwhile, my love for electronics and power generation never diminished, they instead grew exponentially with a sincere understanding of the consumer reliance and significance of the power generation industry as a whole. With that understanding, I left the marine industry under my own terms to spearhead Colburn Electronic Controls, LLC.

Over the years, Colburn Electronic Controls, LLC built strong customer relationships and became more involved with genset dealers while gaining entrepreneurial focus on quality services and growth. We reverse-engineered every circuit board we currently repair, and developed elaborate simulation test equipment that confirms every circuit board is fully calibrated and operational as intended. Our staff shares this passion, and together we utilize standard operating procedures to keep us focused on quality and continuous improvement throughout our business.

I am proud to say that our vast knowledge of Generators, Electronics, Customer Service, Quality Systems, and Logistics has positioned Colburn Electronic Controls, LLC well within our field. We continue to perform, learn, and grow daily, and we enjoy offering support for consumers, dealers, and the power generation industry as a whole. Our business and our relationships rely on our service.

If you receive less than outstanding circuit board refurbishment service from us, please let me know and we will gladly refund your cost for that service.

Chris Colburn
Owner, President & CEO
Cell: 618-997-9015

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Our Website:

Who developed our website? We did. If you read our philosophy, you will understand why we did not outsource Since we created the site from scratch, in-house, we are dialed-in on the site functionality, abilities and design, and we can quickly add enhancements and services for our customers and dealers in real-time without any added operating cost working its way into our generator circuit board repair services. Sure, it took a lot of sweat equity and effort, but our business is service and therefore it was the right thing to do. With that said, please let us know if there are any enhancements we should add to to ease your navigation or improve our service.

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Our Philosophy:

Quality, deliverables and cost are the most important elements of "service" according to our customers and dealers, and therefore our business philosophy is built upon the same three key principles:

Always perform the following steps, and get them right on the first attempt by using standard operating procedures in order to protect our customers and dealers from any wasted time or cost:

  • Validate it works as intended and as promised
  • Utilize quality parts and workmanship that will stand the test of time with a warranty
  • Get it where it needs to go when it needs to get there
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Our Business:

We realize our outstanding customer satisfaction does not indicate we are doing an outstanding job. To us, it only indicates we are at least doing what we supposed to do. Our customers have given us a strong reputation to live up to, and we are committed to continually surpass their expectations.

We specialize in repairing and refurbishing FG Wilson®, Olympian®, Kohler® and Onan® generator circuit boards, and we are actively adopting additional brands to our lineup.

In addition to our experience and knowledge of electronics and controls, we have equivalent experience and understanding of stand-by and continuous-duty generator sets. This diversity enables us to support our workmanship and components with a Limited Warranty that is unmatched in our industry!

Our business is service, and we maintain a high standard of quality, reliability, and value at an economical cost by providing a full array of inclusive services to every circuit board that we refurbish. Our inspection and calibration process validates the functional operation of all onboard components and their respective processes. Word-of-mouth and consumer satisfaction has driven the majority of our market to us, and we are postured well to continue on our path with continued growth.

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Our Goodwill:

We have seen the devastation of widespread power outages and offer our support to those in need. When disasters strike, we often release programs that support our consumers, dealers, and the power generation industry. These goodwill programs offer circuit board repairs at or below our cost. We promise to understand your urgency, and we will start working on your equipment as soon as we receive it. Ranging from hurricanes and winter storms to Ground Zero on 9/11, our goodwill gestures have helped many in need and will continue to do so.

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Our Growth:

Our persistence has won over varieties of resistance, and we owe it all to honest business practices that focus on our philosophy and outstanding customer service. These elements built the foundation for our customer and dealer confidence, and the reputation of our company as a brand, and they have translated to remarkable growth year after year. As we continue to grow, we are committed to stick to our roots and focus on our key principles that have helped us earn our relationships and our reputation.

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Our Promise:

Our promise to our dealers and customers is simple. We will provide world-class customer service, quality and delivery at a cost you could only expect from a local small business.

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Our OEMs:

Colburn Electronic Controls ("CEC") successfully repairs various brands of circuit boards that are used within various manufacturers' control panels and packaged generator sets. We respectfully utilize an independent ability to properly repair and calibrate circuit boards (offering reliability and cost savings to consumers) rather then encouraging disposal and replacement of faulty circuit boards.

Neither CEC nor represent, express or imply any warranties, actions, opinions, companies, brands, logos or trademarks of the control panel, generator or circuit board manufacturers in anyway whatsoever. FG Wilson®, CAT®, Olympian®, Kohler® and Onan® are registered trademarks of their respective owners, and neither Colburn Electronic Controls nor are in anyway whatsoever affiliated with these registered names, trademarks, logos or their respective owners.

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