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FG Wilson ®, Olympian ®, Kohler ® and Onan ® Generator Controls Colburn Electronic Controls

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), Part # 258296

Relay Logic Control Circuit Board for Kohler ® Control Panels.

Your Cost (REPAIR): $185.00

Your Cost (NEW): $463.55

The Exchange Cost will be billed to you after we repair your circuit board. Additional details, including our Stock Inventory, are listed below the circuit board image.

Part Number: 258296 (the letter only indicates revision #)

Description: Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), Refurbished

Can We Refurbish Yours Right Away? Yes, Includes 2-Year Warranty
What Is The Shipping/Repair Process? It's Easy And Fast! Read More...
Do We Have NEW Units In Stock? Yes

This Controller Applies To The Following Generator Brand(s):

  • Kohler ®

We Repair Controllers For The Following Kohler® Generator Model(s):

  • Kohler® Models:
    2.5CMZ11-RV, 2.5CMZ21-RV, 2.5CMZ22-RV, 3.5CFZ, 4CCO, 4CZ, 4EFOZ, 4EFRKM, 4.5CKM-RV, 4.5CKM21-RV, 4.5CKM22-RV, 4.5CKM61-RV, 4.5CKM62-RV, 5CFZ, 5CKM-RV, 5CKM21-RV, 5CKM22-RV, 5E, 5EOZ, 5ERKM, 5.5CM21-RV, 6EFR, 6.5CZ, 6.5EFOZ, 7CCKM21-RV, 7CKM21-RV, 7CKM22-RV, 7CMZ21-RV, 7ER, 8CCO, 8EOZ, 9EFOZ, 10EOZ, 11EFOZ, 11.5EFOZ, 13EOZ, 13EFOZ, 14EOZ, 15RM82, 15.5EOZ, 16EFOZ, 17.5EFOZ, 19EFOZ, 20EOZ, 20EFOZ, 23EOZ, 20ROZJB, 20RZ, 20-180REOZJB, 20-180REOZJC, 24EOZ, 27EFOZ, 30-125RZG, 30-125RZGB32EOZ, 33EFOZ, 40EFOZ, 40EOZ, 50EOZ, 55EFOZ, 65EOZ, 70EFOZ, 80EFOZ, 80EOZ, 99EOZ, 100EFOZ, 125EOZ, 125EFOZ, 150EOZ
  • Your Model Is Not Listed?
    If you do not see your model listed above, no problem, just e-mail us at, or call 618-997-9015.

Your Cost (REPAIR): $185.00

Your Cost (NEW): $463.55

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